29 Mar 12

Turner Broadcasting announces live-action and animation series Team Toon, which it is co-producing with FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) and Larry Schwarz and His Band for Cartoon Network EMEA.
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  • Alien Dawn

    Alien Dawn is a science-fiction series filmed in fantasy/reality style, combining live-action and animation that follows the adventures of 16-year-old Cameron Turner as he races to uncover clues of a mysterious conspiracy hidden in the animated pages of a comic book series created by his missing father.

  • Team Toon

    Dylan, Sam, Iko, and Ash are the creators of the viral toon Psycho Squirrel, but when trouble strikes Hutchinson, their quaint suburban neighborhood, they let their imaginations run wild as TEAM TOON.

  • HTDT

    Coming Soon

  • Jolly Rabbit

    Jolly Rabbit follows the madcap adventures of a spunky, early-teen rabbit as he navigates the seas with his band of punk-rocking buddies in search of his missing leg. Together, the boys have wild adventures, made all the more interesting by the relentless Captain Squid, who unluckily stole Jolly's left leg and now will stop at nothing to get the right one.